Friday, 14 December 2012

Base Cubic VELOCITY 5 Pad Review

The Base Cubic Velocity 5 Bouldering Mat is a huge leap forward in the bouldering industry. David Cross (Owner of Base Cubic) has done a fantastic job of inventing this revolutionary pad (which was tested for over 2 years before release); selecting only the very best materials in order to make this bouldering mat the perfect choice for any situation. My first fall onto the Velocity 5 was off of a fairly highball problem in Brixham… The pad just soaked up the landing as if I had just fallen into a foam pit, I couldn't believe it!

also couldn't believe how light the pad is relative to thinner pads of the same surface area. I'm not just saying this because I'm supported by Base Cubic but the V5 is defiantly my pad of choice and I am yet to come across a pad which fills me with so much confidence when going for committing moves. Amazing pad and I would recommend it to every boulderer out there.

Ellis Butler-Barker