About Me

I'm 16 years old and I stumbled across climbing in March 2011 and was instantly hooked and knew this was the sport for me! My main focus is outdoor bouldering although I do like to try some outdoor sport routes too. I enjoy competing in both bouldering and sport climbing competitions as often as possible, I usually prefer nationals as I enjoy the pressure that you feel in competitions and everything that can be learnt when competing. 5 months after I started climbing I managed to tick Font 7c/V9, 14 months came my first Font 7c+/V10 and then 16 months was Font 8a/V11! After 7 months I came very close to ticking 'Snatch' Fb8a/V11 at Stanage Plantation but sadly didn't return to finish it.

I am currently ranked 2nd U18 GBR outdoor bouldering.

Some of my favourite and some of my hardest redpoint ascents include:

  • The Cider Soak (F8a) -Anstey's Cove
  • Creatures of Habit- Font8a (V11) -Churston Cove
  • Monostrous- Font8a (V11) - Breakwater Beach
  • La Barre Fixe Droite- Font8a (V11) - L'Elephant (Fontainebleau)
  • Guy Fawkes- Font8a (V11) - Portland
  • 'Sans Sucre'  - Franchard Cusiniere
  • Golden Feet- Font 7c+ (V10) - Bas Cuvier (Fontainebleau)
  • No Pain No Gain- Font7c+ (V10) - Gollums Cave
  • The Highway Man- Font 7c+ (V10)- Ladye Bay
  • L'Aerodynamic- Font7c (V9) - Bas Cuvier (Fontainebleau)
  • L'Carnage Assis- Font 7c (V9) - Bas Cuvier (Fonatinebleau)
  • Angry Alison- Font 7c (V9)- Breakwater Beach
  • Arkem- Font7c (V9) - Bonehill Rocks
  • Barre Fixe- Font7b+ (V8/9) - L'Elephant (Fontainebleau)
  • Great for Continuity- Font7b+ (V8/9) - Sharkham Point
  • Zippy's Traverse- Font7b (V8) - Stanage Plantation
  • The Wave Left Hander- Font7b (V8) - Bonehill Rocks
  • Bloodlust- Font7a (V6) - Clodgy Point
  • Hidden Traverse- Font6b+ (V4) - Saddle Tor

Hardest and Favourite Onsights and Flashes:

  • Aerosol- Font7b+ (V8/9)- Onsight - Bas Cuvier (Fontainebleau)
  • Divide and Conquer SDS- Font 7a (V6)- Onsight - Lakeside Boulders
  • Phat Slapper- Font 7a (V6)- Flash - The New Cuttings (Portland)