I am fortunate enough to represent four companies within the climbing industry; I have been a 'sponsored' climber since Jan' '12 and have loved to work along side my sponsors:

Dartrock Climbing Centre- Buckfastleigh, Devon

A fantastic wall in the heart of Devon close to the moors, great training facilities, well set routes/problems and friendly staff. 'Built by climbers for everyone!'


Liquid Grip

'Liquidgrip is the only gripping agent in the world which works by binding to the fatty acids in your skin. This means a single application at the start of your session will last for hours without reapplying.

Unlike regular chalk and liquid chalk, Liquidgrip leaves NO marks at all on clothing or equipment and is even anti-bacterial for improved hygiene. The harder you work, the harder Liquid grip works. It even works in the rain and isn’t affected by sweat. How much better could you be?'


Infinity Pro

'Infinity Pro was founded through the passion of sport and the willingness to help others. 

Based in a small British town called Paignton, we have quickly grown to become one of the world's most well known ionic wristband manufacturers with a footprint which spans the entire globe.

Infinity Pro Ionic Wristbands emit the highest concentration of negative ions of any bracelet that we are currently aware of – approximately 2000+ negative ions per cm³ per second.

We use the highest silicone to tourmaline ratio that we possibly can to ensure that each wristband sustains our negative ion output requirements. If we put any less … the bands wouldn’t cut it. If we put any more, the silicone wouldn’t stretch and the colours would go a bit crazy!'